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An adorable book by author Cinderella Field!

We all know the story: once upon a time in a land faraway, there lived a princess who had everything she had ever dreamed of; the perfect job, the perfect guy, the perfect marriage, the perfect life... right? Wrong! At some point, we all learn about the struggle behind the glass slippers, don t we girls? Wait a minute. What happened to that Cinderella Story, the committed ever after, and I can have it all kind of life? Isn't that what it was supposed to be? While that s what many of us have heard our whole lives, Field teaches us that you've got to put in the work for that happily ever after.

Field says she wrote this book "not because I am an expert but because I have gone through the same exhilarating, heart-breaking things all women go through in the search for lasting love. If I can help one other woman to claim her worth and love according, I will have accomplished what has been in my heart for years."


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